My First Dollhouse My First Dollhouse The Willowcrest, a stately home I cannot take credit for building this lovely home. It was built by Diana M. and what a job she did! Let's go inside. 14750484 The Kitchen As you can see, the Butler is going to the front door to see who has rung the bell. 14750505 Kitchen 2 I'm furnishing the home in Victorian style depicting a simpler time. 14750508 Kitchen 3 The cook begins to prepare some pastries for Elizabeth's guests. 14750509 Kitchen 4 View of the kitchen from the dining room. 14750504 Dinng Room 1 Tea is being served in the dining room for Elizabeth's circle of friends. 14750485 Dining Room 2 I made all the curtains myself and they were a lot less costly than real ones! 14750511 Dining Room 3 I'm not through furnishing the home as evidenced by some bare walls throughout. 14750512 Dining Room 4 The cabinet on the other side of the room needs to be filled with some 'pretties'. 14750514 Dining Room 5 One last look at the dining room before we continue up one floor. 14750516 Bathroom 1 I recently did the bathroom over, when I found this Reutter Victorian Rose set and just had to have it. 14750518 Bathroom 2 Obviously a Ladies bathroom, everything is done in mauve and rose colors. 14750519 Bathroom 4 I am living vicariously through this house as you can see. 14750521 Bathroom 3 Did you notice the toilet tissue too? You can get very detailed when furnishing a dollhouse. 14750520 Bathroom 5 A closeup of the bathroom cabinet; I made everything on it except for the rolls of toilet tissue. 14750517 Bathroom 6 Oh if only my real bathroom were this neat and organized! 14750486 Bathroom 7 One last look before we saunter into the Living Room/Parlour. 14750522 Living Room 1 Elizabeth gazes out the window as she awaits the arrival of her fiance Antonio. She doesn't realize he is on the front porch. 14750523 Living Room 2 The picture on the wall over her head is my husband and I. 14750524 Living Room 3 Grandma reads from the Bible as Elizabeth's Great Aunt and Uncle listen and wait... 14750525 Living Room 4 The sun comes brightly in to lighten the mood and ease the anxiety of the moment. 14750527 Living Room 5 The curio cabinet needs to be furnished with some 'pretties' like the cabinet in the dining room. 14750529 Living Room 6 The cat stretches in front of the fireplace as we move upstairs to view the bedroom. 14750530 Bedroom 1 Oh to have a large bedroom like this! 14750531 Bedroom 2 We're greeted by the puppy of the Manor as Elizabeth's sister June primps. 14750532 Bedroom 3 Elizabeth's lovely dress for the ball is on the dress form at the foot of her bed. 14750533 Bedroom 4 I haven't found the right wall hangings for this room just yet. 14750535 Bedroom 5 A view from the other side of the room. 14750536 Bedroom 6 The vanity set on the dressing came from France. 14750487 Bedroom 7 Her other sister, Amelia, admires Elizabeth's painting. 14750538 Rear View of the WIllowcrest I hope you enjoyed the tour of my dollhouse as much as I've enjoyed showing you. 14750503