Stuffed Peppers Stuffed Peppers Stuffed Peppers 1 I cook them just like my Dad did, gravy and all. 13277079 Stuffed Peppers 2 This display is currently available and everything you see here is included. 13277090 Stuffed Peppers 3 The left drawer holds extra towels and the right has some utensils. 13277080 Stuffed Peppers 4 There's wine and cheese here to keep the cook from getting too hungry while prapring the meal. 13277091 Stuffed Peppers 5 This cook is quite busy wouldn't you say? Probably working up an appetite for sure. 13277092 Stuffed Peppers 6 The ground beef already has the eggs in it, just need to add the cup of bread crumbs as it shows on the recipe card. 13277101 Stuffed Peppers 7 The canned goods are for the gravy, along with the mushrooms. 13277093 Stuffed Peppers 8 The potatoes are ready to be wrapped in foil to bake along with the peppers. 13277094 Stuffed Peppers 9 Mushrooms are a tasty addition to the gravy. 13277102 Stuffed Peppers 10 The peppers can be baked with the tops on or will taste just as good without them. 13277095 Stuffed Peppers 11 The bottom of the table holds pans, a bottle of wine and a basket of various breads and rolls. 13277096 Stuffed Peppers 12 This diaplay is in 1:12 scale as you can see by the penny on the table. 13277089